Collecting Dutch Delftware - Part 3

Rare and collectable items indeed seen here in Doreen & George Gallimore's continuing story of Collecting Dutch Delftware.

"We are grateful to Stuart and Kim for enabling us to exhibit some more items from our Dutch Delftware collection on their web site. Most of the pieces shown are rare and hard to find. Their quality is first class and this is what collectors of Dutch Delftware should be looking for. Below are two recommended reference books that any Delftware collector would find useful and interesting when identifying their pieces of Dutch Delftware."

'Discovering Dutch Delftware' by Stephen J. van Hook.

'Nederlandse Keramiek - en glasmerken 1880 to 1940' by M. Singelenberg-van der Meer.

"The use of these books was invaluable in our Modern Dutch Delftware collecting and information on the following factories can be found in them."


N.V. Plateelbakkerij Ram (Arnhem) 1935 - 1945


This piece shows what we would consider to be an excellent quality Ram vase.

Stands 61.0cm tall and is an 8-panelled floor vase decorated in the traditional Dutch style with flowers and birds.

Pieces of this quality rarely come up for sale.The date of the vase is probably circa 1938.

There will be no pieces like this later than 1945 as this was when the factory closed.

Pottenbakkerij Aurora (Workum) ? - 1995

This plate is 18.0cm in diameter and shows a peacock/flower basket pattern. The plate is a fine example of Aurora tin-glazed, hand-made and hand-painted

Pieces like this, in such excellent condition, are extremely rare, hard to find and very rarely come up for sale.

The base shows the factory mark. The date of the plate is unknown though is probably circa 1950. Although there is no great age to it you will never see the like again as the factory is now closed.


Oud Delft (Nijmegen, Waddinxveen) 1920 -


This tin glazed, hand-thrown, hand-painted jug from the Oud Delft factory is decorated with an abundance of high quality floral designs. The height is 19.5cm and the width round the widest part is 14.0cm.

Not just a decorative item but a 'working piece' of kitchen equipment used for holding water, milk or the like.

Base shows the factory mark comprising of a potter's wheel surrounded by the letters 'OUD' and 'Delft'. To the right can be seen what is probably the date mark, about 1945. Below the word Delft are the initials of the artist.

Goedewaagen 1779 - present

This is a decorative bowl 22.0cm in diameter in decor 'Grotius'. Maybe for displaying fruit, which shows a bird or dragon/cornucopia design together with various fruits and flowers.

Date probably around 1940's.


Velsen (Sassenheim) 1942 - 2002


A large polychrome vase and a fine example of Velsen at its very best. It is wonderfully hand-painted with bright, vivid and intense colours. The body, which is slightly ribbed, displays an abundance of flowers, leaves and colourful birds. The neck and bottom rims are decorated in an attractive cobalt blue. The vase stands 29.0cm tall. Date circa 1955.

Velsen was acclaimed for its polychrome pieces.

Again pieces of this quality rarely come up for sale.

Pyramide (Gouda)

A 14.0cm tall cream or milk jug
from the small Pyramide factory which is now closed.

Items from the Pyramide factory are very rarely seen for sale in the United Kingdom but they can occasionally be found in the U.S.A.

The quality from this factory is not always what collectors prefer but this is one of the better pieces.


Regina (Gouda) 1898 - 1979


This is a 15.5cm tall polychrome jug from the
famous Regina factory in Gouda. When you look at the base mark you can see that there is a small cross on the top of the crown, as far as we know this dates Regina items after 1945, without the cross on top it would be before 1945. This particular piece dates from about 1960 to 1970.

The artist was Henk van Wensveen who specialized in decorating polydelfts during his work period with Regina.

The factory closed in 1979.

P.B.Delft (Amsterdam)

We have saved this piece while last, as it is the one that is closest to being a true antique.

Tin glazed medallion vase some 26.5cm tall and made at the P.B. Delft factory in Amsterdam.

This is another rare item. Pieces of this quality from P.B. Delft rarely come up for sale. Those collectors familiar with the quality of items from the top Delftware factory in Holland, de Porceleyne Fles, would recognize this as a fantastic piece, as good as any Delftware produced in Holland.

Some of the better Gouda pottery and Delftware decorators worked at this factory at some time in their career. See the ESKAF jug (Picture 48 in Collectors' Gallery 9) which depicts a piece by Abraham Meerding who worked at P.B. Delft when it was in Hilversum.


In the right-hand corner below the triangle, is the date letter 'E' denoting 1907 and in the centre, below the triangle, the Roman numerals for '12' which could depict December?

In the left-hand corner below the triangle are the artist's initials - which we have yet to identify.


"We hope that you have enjoyed seeing more of our collection and found them as interesting as we have done in collecting and researching them.

Although we would not consider ourselves to be experts we would call ourselves enthusiastic amateurs trying to devour any and all interesting information that comes along.

Our advice to any new collector would be to get out there and get searching. The more places you visit the more pieces you find. Also, get the books and do some research - the more information you can get the more interesting it becomes."


Doreen and George Gallimore - May 2003

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