Collecting Dutch Delftware Part 8

George & Doreen continue their long running series showing us all another diverse selection from their Dutch Delftware collection.

"We would like to thank Stuart and Kim for inviting us to write another article showing some more pieces from our collection of modern Dutch Delftware. Even though pieces we have shown can date back 120 years or more they are still classed as ‘modern’ Dutch Delftware."


N.V. Plateelbakkerij Delft schotel


This is a 31.8cm diameter hand-painted schotel. It should be noted that a schotel is a dish, usually with decoration right up to the edge. It was made at the N.V. Plateelbakkerij factory in Hilversum. The letter ‘E’ on the base is the date letter for 1907. The letter ‘ix’ represents the 9th month - September. The ‘HH’ joined is the monogram of the artist H. Houdijk, who has reproduced the original painting by the Dutch artist Louis Apol.


Zenith plate

A plate from the Zenith factory. Decorated by the master painter and designer Aart Stolk. His mark, as on the other plates we have shown, is the ‘S’ around ‘A’. The ‘LA’ letters designate this decoration as a landscape (even though it is actually a seascape). The picture is of a small Dutch sailing vessel called a Tjalk.

35.0cm diameter.

Below is a picture of a Tjalk model which we found in a ship’s Chandlers in the small fishing village of Charlestown, near Gairloch, in the North West of Scotland.





Purmerende Brantjes vase



Here a vase from Firma Wed. N.S.A. Brantes & Co., Purmerende, Holland. We have a few pieces with these marks and all have been authenticated at the Purmerende Museum by Saskia van den Berg. They are from the very early years with Delftsch. In the first period they used a ‘Kan’ mark rather than a ‘Clomp’.

The vase is 19.0cm tall and shows the picture of a Tjalk. The date mark is the letter ‘B’ - second year of production - 1896. There are two artists signatures. One we do not know but the the small monogram of ‘AV’ connected could be of A.J. Visser. His monogram can be traced to the Rozenberg list of artists.

We particularly like this type of ship painting. As you can see from the picture it has a square rig topsail which is not commonly seen on seascapes. This might indicate older memories in the painter’s eye.

"If we could just slip in an interesting note here for anyone who is interested in sea shanties! There is a Dutch Shanty group who go by the name of Armstrong’s Patent and they sing all the old sea shanties in Dutch and English. We saw them live at the Mersey River Festival in Liverpool, England and they are probably one of the best shanty groups we have heard."


De Porceleyne Fles kan

This piece from the De Porceleyne Fles factory is known as a melkkan. It was painted by Van Lingen in 1899 and would have been part of a tea service. The size of the jug is 12.0cm.

This Kan of ours can be found on page 52 in Rick Erickson’s book ‘Royal Delft’.




Goedewaagen canal house


Known as a Nederlands Kanaalhuis, it is a miniature Canal House in polychrome Delft, made at the Goedewaagen factory in Gouda. There are many of these houses made to hold an alcoholic drink and this one is number 39. Some people collect only Delft canal houses.


Goedewaagen pipe

Pipe, also made at the Goedewaagen factory. When the Goedewaagen factory began 1779 it was known as Pijpen-en Aardenwerkfabriek and made clay pipes. This pipe does not date back to this date but is a modern example. The Goedewaagen stamp is on the metal stem collar. If the pipe got broken you would just buy a new clay bowl and slot it in. The bowls were probably sold by the half dozen or more.



N.V. Plateelbakkerij Ram (Arnhem)


This chamber stick was made at the Ram factory in Arnhem. The size is 17.0cm and the date is circa 1938. The artist’s monogram is there but so far we have not been able to trace who it was.


Regina flower basket

A 20.0cm tall flower basket shaped vase made at the Regina factory around 1950.




Regina two handled vase


This is another polychrome piece by Henk van Wensveen with his monogram the ‘VW’. The size is 9.0cm tall so is more like a miniature. Date around the 1950's period. The shape of this piece is also produced by Regina in their Gouda pottery with the same mould number of 249.


Regina tall two handled vase

A tall Regina two-handled amphora type Delfts Rood vase, painted by the celebrated red delft decorator Hendrick Meilof. The date of the piece is circa. 1950 and it stands 33.0cm high.






From the Velsen Sassenheim factory, a hand-painted, lidded vase from about 1960. The painter’s monogram of 'P.S.' is on the base but we do not know who this is. Stands 25.0cm tall.

Plateelbakkerij ‘Zuid Holland’ (PZH)

Decanter/bottle from the PZH factory. We have no idea of the date of the piece. There is no mould number or painter’s monogram. We can only assume that it is before 1920. Normally on pieces like this there would be a distiller’s mark on the base but this does not have one and that is why we would presume that it was before 1920. The pottery is stained and this would have come from the contents which over the years has percolated through the pottery causing staining. This is quite normal with Delft pottery from Holland. It is some 16.5cm tall.




"We hope that you have enjoyed seeing some more of our collection."

George and Doreen Gallimore. March 2008.

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