Collection of Peter & Trudie.

Kunstaardewerkfabriek Ed. Antheunis.

Part 3.


Liquor jug and tray.

Red clay high glaze.

Decor: 'Bagdad'.

Date: 1910 - 1917.



Beautifully decorated vase.

Red clay high glaze.

Decor: 'Visch' - 'Fish'.

Date: 1915 - 1925.

Model number: 164.

Decorator signature: 'JvS' - Jan van Schaick.

Height: 24.0 cm

Diameter widest: 13.7 cm






Vase in the white version of 'Decor: A'.

Date: 1915.

Model number: 142.

Decorator signature: 'K.X.' - unknown.

See picture below a plate from Ivora also a 'Decor. A' and very similar design.

This plate shows an Ivora plate in the very similar design of 'Decor. A'.





Pig (Varkentje) in cold glaze (koudlak). Decor: 'Irma'. Date: Circa 1928.

Painter unknown. Length: 16.4 cm. Width: 6.5 cm. Height: 6.5 cm



Slender high glaze vase with two ears.

Decor: 'Fleur'.

Date: circa 1920.

Model: 106.

Unknown painter.

Height: 21.0 cm

Width: 9.8 cm.




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