Ellen's Gouda Collection - Part 3.




Goblet or chalice from PZH.

Decor 'Ingeborg'.

Date 1927.

Model number 110.

This piece was flawed when first fired. It was corrected and re-fired. This is the 'O' mark for 'overbakken' for 'over baked'. You can see this mark on many PZH pieces.

Probably painted by the female painter Magdalena Judic Lens.

Height 19.0 cm by 10.0 cm top diameter.


Large Regina plate.

Decor 'Darla'.

Date circa 1925.

Possibly model 202.

Unknown painter.

29.5 cm diameter. 




Slender neck vase from PZH.

Decor 'Trix'.

Date 1927.

Model number 137.

Painted by Wilhelmina Janssen.

Height 28.0 cm.


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