Vase - ESKAF OLA - Huizen Factory - c.1930

Model 24

15.0cm H by 8.0cm D

ESKAF - Eerste Steenwijker Kunst-Aardewerk Fabriek

In 1919 the ESKAF factory was founded by Hillebrand Ras and Hein Krop in the town of Steenwijk, Overijssel. The factory was in use from 1919 until 1927. In 1927 the factory went into liquidation. Piet van Stam and Harry Hamming bought out the inventory and restarted in Huizen in North Holland. The factory was actually called the "Cooperative Society for Applied Art". The former name of ESKAF was, however, still commonly used. The Huizen factory eventually closed for good in 1935. Following this liquidation, Harry Hamming and Mac Honigh formed the HaHo en Potterie de Driehoek factory using the ESKAF moulds.

This vase in mould 24, was made under the "Cooperative Order voor Levenden Arbeid" or "Order for Work (or Labour)" or O.L.A. as it was known.

Only a few ESKAF decors had pattern names. The popular "Gouda bloemdecors" were mainly designed by W.H van Norden. Norden was also a designer of other ESKAF decors together with W. Bogtman, J.H de Groot, P. van Stam and many others. This vase, in one of the "Gouda bloemdecors", was probably painted by Jo Buys.