Gouda copies, look-alikes, home painters, fakes or "made to deceive" - Part 16.

Disclaimer - by showing these items from eBay, Marktplaats.nl, from the owners, from other sites, etc. we do not imply or allege that the sellers or owners had any knowledge they are/were fakes or made to deceive items. They are shown on this website as examples of fakes or made to deceive items as we believe it is in every ones interest to see them and hopefully learn from them.


Yet more of those Chinese fake Colenbrander vases! Of interest these were taken into the appraisal day held at the Keramisch Museum Goedewaagen in February 2012. Sadly the owners, thinking they were genuine, found out they were not and are thus worthless. They have wasted hundreds of Euro's on them. One owner plans to donate hers to the Museum of Fakes in Vledder!



Seen on Marktplaats in April 2012. This has the same fake markings as many items seen on the Gouda Copies pages. For instance - note the style of the 'G' and 'P' and the use of 'HB' for a painter. The tile blank is probably from Germany.




A Distel fake tableau with two parrots. A very poorly painted copy of the beautiful high glazed tableau painted by Bert Nienhuis in 1908 for the the Western Sugar Company in Amsterdam. Now the collection of Nederlands Tegelmuseum, Otterlo. Note the shabby way the tiles have been put together!

The fake is marked with pencil on the back side as 'D. Nienhuis, 1913'. A freudian joke! D. Nienhuis is the well known Distel collector. B(ert) or L(ambertus) Nienhuis - not family - he did not work anymore for De Distel in 1913. Since november 1911, Bert Nienhuis had his own studio in Hagen, Germany in the artists village of art promotor Karl Ernst Osthaus.

The fake tiles are 10 cm by 10 cm. De Distel worked with tiles of 15.2 cm by 15.2 cm or in the beginning of the 20th century, with French tiles of 20 cm x 20 cm. The fake was presented at an auction in Den Bosch in September 2012. The fake was probably produced at the time of the De Distel exhibition in Otterlo in 2001.

With thanks to two of our Dutch experts for the information and pictures.


Note the very shabby way the tiles have been put together!

Incredibly poor.


Seen on Marktplaats in September 2012. Same fake markings as many items seen on the Gouda Copies pages - the style of the 'G' is a giveaway. Interestingly there were some of these on the bric-a-brac market in Den Haag when we were there in September 2012. They are very crude.




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