Henk & José Gouda Collection - Part 3

On the first piece of Part 3, Henk & José present us with a riddle to solve!


Designed by Theodoor Christiaan Andriaan Colenbrander. See below for base mark riddle!

The vase probably dates between 1914 and 1917.

The decorator (joined TP) is unknown.

Height is 37.5cm. on model number 03.



It is something of a riddle this vase!

We bought it for only a few Euro but are convinced it is NOT a fake and is a design by Colenbrander. There is no Lazarus-poortje but it is certainly a Zuid-Holland model.

Why did he use the letter 'H' with a green clover leaf emblem instead of the flag normally seen. No one even knows for certain what the 'H' really means - was it for Hoyng, Harkink or Holland?

Has it been made for a special firm?

We think it is a Colenbrander design.

If you can help us, please contact Stuart and Kim.

"One of the suggestions is that Colenbrander was against the Irish 'Home Rule Bill' brought in by the British Prime Minister Asquith in 1912. To show his solidarity for the Irish, Colenbrander used the Irish clover." Stuart.

"We have seen another Colenbrander vase using the clover leaf but without the painted green colour." Stuart.





Decor 'Rhodian' plate.

Date circa 1915.

Probably painted by Andries de Groot.

It is 37.0cm diameter.

We think it is very Art Nouveau.


No decor name on this plate but we think it is a 'Rhodian'.

Date is March 1919.

Decorator 'J.W.' probably Johanna de Wijs.

Diameter 32.0cm on model number 1165/30.






Number decor 508 from about 1915.

The decorator 'D.D.' is unknown.

Height is 19.8cm.


We hope to show more pictures from the Zuid-Holland collection of Henk & José in the future and would like to thank them for sharing some of their superb items.

This link takes you to pictures of Henk & José's exhibition at the Purmerends Museum.


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