David's PZH Gouda Collection - Part 3

David presents more favourites. All PZH unless stated.



A "Corona" vase.

Dates from May 1919. The artist mark is un-decipherable.

In fine condition this vase and stands about 17.0cm tall.


A "Corona" cigarette holder from 1919. Artist is unknown.

Size 7.0cm high by 7.5cm diameter. In fine condition and a great design.





A "Riouw" plate probably from 1922. The mark is not clear. Painted by Martinus Vuijk.

Diameter approx. 25.0cm in a well liked design to add to my three other Riouw pieces. See
Part 1.

"Silvia" pattern bowl from 1926.

Decorated by Arnoldus Theodorus Boer.

35.0cm around widest point and 5.5cm high. Excellent condition with no crazing.





A well painted planter in "Harin" decor from 1930. The 'pi' symbol for an unknown decorator.

26.0cm long and 7.8cm high.

In very good conditon with good bright colours.

Two handled mini-vase in "Anjou" from 1927.

Only 6.5cm tall and approximately 20.0cm around fattest point.

Great condition with a lovely design.

Decorated by Anna Jacoba Cornellia van de Bovenkamp.



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