David's PZH Gouda Collection - Part 4

More pictures of David's Zuid-Holland and Rozenburg favourites.



Very nice flower frog vase made by the famous Porcelain and Earthenware factory Rozenburg from The Hague.
Decorated in a range of colours comprising orange, brown, blue and black. It still has its original crown and is in perfect condition as can be seen from the pictures.

Marked with 'NK x' the year mark for 1896. Possibly decorated by J. van den Bor. Stands 12.5cm high and 10.0cm at its widest.




Although not showing his mark, the style is that of the painter J. van den Bor, who worked for Rozenburg from 1894 to 1901.


Bor's mark.


A superb condition schaal (fruit bowl) from 1929 in the "Saarma" decor.

Good art deco design with bright colours. Possibly decorated by Jan Fokke Miedema.

36.0cm diameter and 7.0cm deep.




Close up showing the very fine and detailed brushwork by the artist.


A mini ewer in "Massa" from 1922.

Probably decorated by Bernardus Wilhelmus Meijer. It is a fine example of quality Zuid-Holland Gouda workmanship.

Only 9.0cm to top of handle and 19.0cm around fattest point.

An excellent piece.




A square ashtray from 1924 in "Collier" pattern.

Possibly decorated by Arie van der Wal.

Very good condition with no crazing and bright colours.

Notice the hole to allow air to escape from the mould during firing.

10.0cm across.

 A finecoloured vase in the "Phylis" decor from 1924.

Decorated by Maria Johanna Kelder.

The PZH "Lazarus Gate "can be seen in relief on the mould.

Good bright colours and an interesting design. A well liked piece.

Height around 15.0cm.




An early "Rhodian" piece from December 1921.

The decorator "NL" is unknown.

A very fine jug.

15.0cm high.


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