David's Collection - Part 5

More pictures of David's Zuid-Holland and Rozenburg from his varied collection.




A bright, late Rozenburg vase from 1914. Colourful decor of a bird and flowers.

In very good condition and similar to those shown in section 7 of the book "de STANYA collectie".

Work order number 41.

Decorator not known.

Height 24.5cm.


A small, high quality "Riouw" decor vase from 1922.
Decorated by Johannes Geradus Petrus Belt.

A fine addition to the other Riouw pieces I have.

Height 14.5cm.







Picture on tile (tegel) of boy flute player.

High quality in superb condition.

Marking on rear Rozenburg but very difficult to photograph.

No painter signature or other mark on it.
Possibly dates about 1887/1888.


A delightful bell in the "Phylis" decor from around 1925. See another "Phylis" from my collection here.

No markings apart from the "DI" or "D1" inside.

Very bright colours in an attractive design.
May have been part of a set perhaps used with a decanter and tray to call for service.

Height 12.0cm
Diameter 12.5cm





A Rozenburg tile tableau in the manner of Louis Apol (naar. Louis Apol). Possibly based on a watercolour which was sold in 1911 at F. Muller auction rooms Amsterdam. Date 13.06.1911 no 567. I have looked for the catalogue but have had no joy. It is apparently a reverse to the tile and is almost identical.

Based on a snow scene this is a fine tableau created from six tiles.


Bears the (den Haag "WG" for Wilhelm Wolff von Gudenberg) marks for manufacture between 1885 and 1889 (right) but then has the Rozenburg stork which usually indicates 1893 to 1900 (far right). Maybe a case here of reusing some older tile blanks?  

Original retailers sticker still intact.




This PZH "Corona" decor charger is substantial. It measures some 42.5cm across with a depth of 5.0cm.

Colours are bright and the pattern is well formed with the whole piece in excellent condition. See close up below.

Beautifully decorated with great care by Theodorus Adria Steenwinkel. Date is between 1926 - 1929. As there is no date mark, it may well have been painted during the period of the general strike in Gouda from November 1928 to March 1929.

Model number is 1165/3.



A lovely small vase this time in "Atol" decor. Good bright colours contribute to a fine quality Gouda vase.

Dated from 1928 with decorator MvT, who is unknown.

In fine condition and only 10.0cm high.

PZH vase in "Ali" pattern. Marked to the base with the decorator's initial K, that of Johan van Kersbergen. It is in excellent condition with an outstanding quality of painting and good bright colours.

Date is 1924.

The vase is a true mini version of the larger PZH vases.

It measures 10.5cm high and 21.5cm around its widest point.



Anton Mauve style tile of a farmer digging in the ground. You can see the great influence of Mauve's friend Vincent van Gogh.

In excellent condition.

Date circa 1900 on workorder number 1271.

Size 41.0cm x 32.0cm.




This Rozenburg large tile, in the manner of Anton Mauve, is based on a watercolour sketch which was probably painted in Laren, Anton Mauve's home village sometime around 1885. It was still in the hands of the Mauve family up to 1965. It seems to be done in van Gogh style. Gogh studied with Mauve during 1881 - 1882 and was related by marriage of his cousin. I have not managed to trace the family as I would like to contact them for a picture of the water colour. If anyone can help I would be grateful.


Possibly painted by H.D. Schild and signed "n. (naar) A. Mauve" - "in the manner of or according to A. Mauve".



Rozenburg den Hague



Our grateful thanks to David, not only for allowing us to see some more of his collection and for the fine photographs but for his continued support of this website.


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