Gouda copies, look-alikes, home workers, fakes or "made to deceive" - Part 10.

Repeated note - "By showing these items from eBay or Marktplaats.nl (and other sites) we do not imply that the sellers had any knowledge they are/were fakes or made to deceive. They are shown as examples as we believe it is in every ones interest to see them."

Seen on eBay in February 2010 this terrible fake of a Porceleyne Fles tile. It really is awful - how can anyone be taken in by this! An insult to the true artists at Porceleyne Fles. From the same seller as the PZH 'spider' vases, etc. See Gouda Copies 6 for another PF fake tile.





Yet again another fake from the same seller as the one above and many others on these Gouda Copies pages The eBay seller is the one who won't allow home pick up. Wonder why that is? Notice that the signature is made almost invisible by a strange 'accidental' flow of glaze during firing. The signature you can't see fully is supposesd to be that of Christiaan Johannes (Chris) Lanooy. Was on eBay February 2010.





Here again! Our well known seller (r.............) of fake Gouda on eBay. This time a fake Rozenburg den Haag piece. So crude. Spotted by many people who have sent us emails - many thanks to them! As one collector said - "A vase supposed to be from the 1880's marked in a handwriting of the 1980's! Not to mention the wrong Rozenburg mark for that period.....I hope most collectors will check Gouda-Design before bidding." See below for another fake 'turban' vase.



Yet again our eBay seller from Holland (r.............). According to one of our Dutch friends, a leading expert, it is made in an identical way to an Ivora statue fake of a seal (also by the same seller) by Jan Schonk. Even the way the mark is stamped on the inside is the same. The workmanship is becoming recognisable!




A different seller this time on eBay (e.......) with another fake Rozenburg Den Haag vase in the same model as the one above. Notice that the seller does not accept any returns! You should never buy from an eBay seller who does not give returns. One of our many expert friends from Holland tells us - "A classic example of another fake Rozenburg 'turban' vase. The forger this time has used a decoration copied from the last scientific publication about Rozenburg. In our view it's the wrong ceramic - you can see something of a grey clay structure from the chip (see below). The decoration has been badly painted. No wonder the seller won't accept returns."








Oh dear! Here is our eBay seller (r.............0) with two more fakes. A supposed Jan Schonk bird plastiek and a Bernard Richters cat plastiek. Look at the marks - they are the same rubbish as the fake ones on the monkey above - bodged and blurred. People are buying this tripe. It does not matter what you pay, be it a small or large amount, they are still fakes. See here for the genuine item!

Jan Schonk fake bird.



 Fake impressed mark


Bernard Richters fake cat.





Genuine Bernard Richters mark.

Courtesy of The Gouda Pottery Book.

Note the similarity of this mark with the monkey above. Blurred and splodgy!

With thanks to Joop Nobel, Friggo Visser, Ron Tasman & The GPB and all other vigilant collector friends from Holland the UK and around the world for their help and technical information.


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