Gouda copies, look-alikes, home workers, fakes or "made to deceive" - Part 6.

First up on this new page is yet another one from Marktplaats. A PZH fake thistle flower 'P-decor' from our well known painter seen on many previous items. Look at the previous Gouda Copies pages and see the writing styles. The mould (model) number 121 is incorrect - see picture below. The 'kantjes' (see below for kantjes decor) cross hatching is very coarse for the genuine P-style decors and wrong colour of the markings. With many thanks to Friggo Visser and Dennis van den Hoek.






Below is the correct model 121 which is a cachepot not a vase. Shown are examples of what we mean by 'kantjes' decors. The decors consist of many 'lines' or 'hatchings' or 'edgings'. One of them is on model 121. 




Friggo Visser tells us - "For 17 years I have seen this faked Distel vase 'doing the rounds'! It is a copy of the 'Carduus' technique designed by Jan Eisenloeffel. Eisenloeffel produced the genuine designs during 1915 to 1917 when he worked for De Distel." They keep trying these guys. Seen on Markplaats again.




The genuine Jan Eisenloeffel mark


Here is fake of a supposed early De Porceleyne Fles tile or tile plaque. Faking what was known as the 'Jacoba' form introduced by PF in around 1897. This form used only Dutch clays and nearly all were designed by Adolf Le Comte. De Porceleyne Fles painters were (and remain so) highly skilled and would never have produced such a childish and very crude work! The Jacoba plaques all had turned up edges and were not flat. As Friggo Visser says - "Serious advice for collectors - ask one the Fles experts before buying!" See pictures below of genuine ones. Information courtesy of and thanks to Rick Erickson - 'A Guide to De Porceleyne Fles'.



Two genuine 'Jacoba' tiles circa 1898. Note the 'turned up edges' and quality workmanship.

Courtesy of Rick Erickson - 'A Guide to De Porceleyne Fles'.



With thanks to Joop Nobel, Friggo Visser, Ron Tasman and all other vigilant collectors around the world.


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