Gouda copies, look-alikes, home workers, fakes or "made to deceive" - Part 4.

Note - "By showing these items from eBay or Marktplaats.nl (and other sites) we do not imply that the sellers had any knowledge they are/were fakes or made to deceive. They are shown as examples as we believe it is in every ones interest to see them."

Fake Rozenburg vase seen on Marktplaats in January 2009.




This is a beauty! A genuine Japanese vase with a fake Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland mark! Seen on Marktplaats.



Here a Rozenburg falsification with a parrot decor on a non Rozenburg mould. Another mould with the same fake marks has been sold on Marktplaats for Euro 350! These fakes are the same as the Rozenburg-RAM-Colenbrander ones - see previous Gouda Copies pages. So as well as the really stupid RAM marks we are now seeing faked Rozenburg marks. Please, please beware!



Fake Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland 'cold glaze' style lidded pot. Model number, the way of marking, the painting, decor name have nothing to do with a real PZH piece. Seen on Marktplaats in February 2009 by a leading Dutch collector and sent to us.




If you look on previous Gouda Copies pages you will see more examples of this 'fakers' work. Notice the exact same handwriting style - in particular the 'G' of Gouda - also the same turquoise colours. These have a Zuid-Holland date mark for 1927 which of course is false. These falsified examples are very poorly painted and crude items indeed. Seen for sale on Marktplaats in February and March 2009.






With thanks to Joop Nobel, Friggo Visser, Ron Tasman, collector Ellen and all other vigilant collectors around the world.


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