The Gouda Pottery Book by Ron Tasman

The inside story - Part 2

Amongst the hundreds of décors which went into regular production, the influences of PZH designers such as Theodoor Colenbrander, Daniël Harkink, Leen Muller and Willem Hartgring are reflected in the wonderful matte glazed pieces which were exported all over the world between 1910 and 1932.

Ivora was another of the factories to excel in the painting of colourful Gouda décors. Although there were never as many named décors used at Ivora as at Zuid-Holland and Regina, the quality was every bit as good making them the favourite of many Gouda collectors.


Catalogue pages from every major company have been included in the GPB. Pictured here are two colour pages from the Regina catalogue of c1925. The lower page was only rediscovered in 2005 in an old suitcase belonging to Otto van der Want the last owner of the factory. Something had gone badly wrong in the printing process but thanks to modern digital restoration techniques, this page appears in print for the first time.


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"The enormous amount of source material makes this an un-missable publication for any ceramics collector. When compared to the price of an antique vase this nine kilo handbook is great value for money!"
Thierry Smuts - Holland.

"Ron, you deserve a doctorate for this!"
L. Itskovitch - Christchurch.

"My congratulations, the GPB is an absolutely fantastic work of art. It is a great asset to possess. You said it took you 7 years? Surely, it must have taken a lot longer."
Jan Wieringa - Yorkshire.

"A real monument. I don't think its like will ever be tried again. A sensational format."
J.H. van Brakel - Holland.


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