The Gouda Pottery Book by Ron Tasman

The inside story - Part 3


The Zenith works in Gouda managed to survive the depression of the 1930's largely thanks to the efforts of designer Willem Stuurman. Although the styles had changed from the colourful Gouda décors of the 1920's, there was still a place in the production process for a small number of talented decorators.



The E.S.K.A.F. works in the town of Steenwijk put its own spin on what constitutes Gouda design. Their early pieces, largely designed by Willem van Norden are unique and quite unlike his earlier work for De Distel or his later work for Goedewaagen.

The firm of Jas Plant in Henley near Stoke-on-Trent designed their own Gouda décors between 1914 and 1925. The Plant family however was also responsible for some wonderful high glaze Decoro patterns from their Tuscan Works and the Canning Pottery.


The GPB contains over 1,000 company marks and a similar number of decorator marks showing the dates in which the marks were in use and the periods in which the decorators worked. The page shown here depicts just a tiny portion of the huge number of factory marks used by the Goedewaagen works in Gouda between 1923 and 1982.


The Gouda Pottery Book is unique in that for the first time ever the names of approximately 2,600 decorators and other workers are included in a list covering no less than 96 pages. Something else which makes this work unique is that it is now possible to date the pottery through tracing the work history of many of the designers and decorators as they moved from one firm to another. 



The Gouda Pottery Book reviews continued.

"Ron, with this book you have rehabilitated our parents (the various branches of the Van der Want family). Thank you very much."
Leo van der Want - Gouda.

"A beautiful book that’s sure to become a standard reference work. Incredible!"
M. de Lange - Holland.

"All of the Gouda potteries of significance have been dealt with magnificently. No doubt the wide ranging assistance you received from all parts of Holland were of great assistance. I still find it remarkable to think how much work and effort went into this beautiful presentation and I am thrilled at the amount of detail that you've managed to bring together."
O.A. van der Want - Gouda


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