The Gouda Pottery Book by Ron Tasman

The inside story - Part 4 - on the lighter side

We hope this article has stirred you into buying Ron's monumental work on Gouda pottery. Gouda-Design is proud to be associated with this book and we know all our Dutch friends who contributed stories and pictures from their collections are also very proud.

It is available from the publishers Optima and from many sites on the internet. Just Google 'The Gouda Pottery Book'.

"On behalf of Gouda collectors from all over the world - thanks Ron".


Some pictures for you to enjoy.


 In the atrium of Scriptum Art during the launch of the GPB in Schiedam (Rotterdam) 11 April 2007



 The three Dutch plateel authors

Antoine Verschuuren ('Porceleinfabriek De Kroon') - Ron Tasman ('The Gouda Pottery Book') - Ronald Zalmé ('Flora Keramiek')




 "Say Friggo, what do you think of this then?"

 "Well Ron, if I have to give my professional opinion......"



An embroidery of 'The Old Craft - The Potter' presented to Friggo Vissser by Ron as a token of appreciation for all his tremendous hard work. Beautifully hand-made by Ron's mother.

The same picture, made in mosaics, hangs in the Goedewaagen museum.



 "Who'd ever have guessed we would end up with a book this thick?"


"It's been a long day chaps. Sure you got the tickets Hans?"

Ron Tasman, Hans Uytdewilligen (owner of the GPB publishers Optima) and Friggo Visser get their collective breath back after a busy but enjoyable day.

José Plevier one of many Dutch art experts who contributed her extensive knowledge to the GPB



Ron signing a book in Verkaaik's bookstore, Gouda in April 2007. Of interest, the man seated to the rear with the yellow scarf is Rob Nonner, nephew of Zuid-Holland decorator Wouter Anthonie (Wout) Nonner. To the top right in the red jersey is Ruud Stam - well
known Dutch tobacco pipe documentalist.

Photo from the Gouda Press.



 Window display - Verkaaik's bookstore in Gouda


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